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Monday, 9 July 2012

Birdies and sirens and firies Oh My!

This morning I was sitting in the courtyard outside my room, diligently practising my mindfulness exercises in a desperate attempt to stop me discharging myself (another story).

Now usually mindfulness is practised somewhere tranquil, you know, a gentle breeze blowing through the leaves, water trickling over rocks, birdies tweeting.  This morning however was somewhat different.

There I was, sitting the the early morning sun, in a place normally so calm.  I started the track - I presently have a terrible memory and the attention span of a gnat so cannot recall or focus on what I'm doing without it- when a fire alarm went off.  I paused the track, patiently waited until it finished, assumed it was a test and when it finished, put it back on. 

Then a light plane flew over, it was tricky but I stayed focused and in the moment.

Then the sounds of sirens in the distance.  I ignored them, they got closer, I tried harder to ignore them, they got louder.

Yes, you've got it.  They were coming here!  So instead of sitting in a serene spot meditating I was in the middle of drama...again.  It all seems to have been a false alarm.

I have chosen to see this as a sign that I really was in the moment and the universe really was making sure of it!  So instead of the second track here I am writing this post, so it can't all be bad.

Hope your day is most excellent!

Jo xxx

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