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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Now I find myself on the wrong (or right side depending on your view) side of 40, I've noticed a couple of things. 

    - I've come to the sad conclusion that current music is crap, not all of it I will grant you, but the vast majority.  I look back to the late 80's and my teenage years as the height of musical brilliance.

    - Kids in shopping centres, or anywhere really.  Now my kids are grown and we are in a holding pattern awaiting grand-kids my tolerance levels have dropped dramatically.  Nothing, well not much anyway, bothers me more than whiny, or worse shrieking children running amok.

    - Whilst on the subject of kids, it really bothers me the number of young girls dressed like tarts.  We wore mini skirts and shorts when I was a kid, but today's clothes retailers really have sunk to new depths.

Of course there are many more things that bother me as I get older and crankier, but these are pretty much at the top of the heap.

What do you find annoys you now you're getting older?

Love Jo xxx

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