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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Still hurting

It's been six weeks today since we lost magnificent Max.  Six long weeks.

Making himself at home 

There was so much I took for granted about being Max's Mum.

Max was therapeutic to own, he didn't judge, was always there, a little, quiet presence who has been there for me throughout the hard times over the last few years.

Cuddles on the lounge, I'm still not used to sitting alone, whether it be reading, drawing, computing or watching TV, I miss my trusty sidekick.

Snuggles in bed.  Even now it's hard to go to bed and know that he isn't going to turn up 5 minutes later and flop down next to me for a tummy scratch. Always 5 minutes later, you could set your clocks by him.   I miss waking up to find him next to me with all four paws pushed under my belly or with his face on the pillow next to me.

The talking, as an Oriental cat he could talk constantly.  We had many a conversation over the years.  If I was out of sight for more than a minute or two he'd be yelling for attention and he couldn't jump up on the furniture without a little comment.  I've also never come across another cat that had to announce himself whenever he walked through a doorway.  I'm sure I still hear him calling out to me.

I've only just stopped finding his toys scattered around where he left them, trust me, that cat had more playthings than your average toddler.

We still put our shoes away in case he eats our shoelaces and I still can't walk up the stairs without expecting him to race past me and triumphantly stand at the top of the stairs, the winner of our little race.

Lilly, his sister, has changed a huge amount in Max's absence.  She talks a lot more, is far more affectionate, spending lots more time with me and sleeping on my feet.  She's started racing all of us up the stairs.  Max was definitely the dominant personality, but Lilly is stepping up now.

We are in the early stages of talking about a new kitten, not to replace Max, there's no replacing such a huge personality, but to add to our little family.

Love Jo xxx

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