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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Carnival of Flowers – Part Deux

The Carnival of Flowers is a fine thing.  Yesterday's post was all about it.

Tourists flock to see the sights, hopefully spending all their hard-earned and boosting the local economy.

Unfortunately, it is hard to be a resident of a tourist destination.

The shops are clogged with flowers spotters; surely they should be looking at flowers and not in my way at the supermarket?

The roads are at capacity with people driving slowly, slamming on brakes if they see so much as a dandelion.  It is a source of constant amazement to me that people can drive badly when travelling that slowly, how can you drift out of your lane at 20 km/h? Caravans and buses abound, taking up multiple parks and sideswiping the unwary.

People will park wherever the hell they want, too close to an intersection/bus stop/driveway, but surely road rules don’t apply to THEM, they are tourists!

Pedestrians lose their minds, walking straight across the road, all common sense forgotten.   The worst are the oldies, pouring off the coaches and stumbling around in everyone’s way.
The park was full of screaming, badly behaved kids running riot.  Mind you, if my kids were that feral I might let them off the leash in the park in a desperate attempt for peace.  This theory fails though, ‘because everyone else’s brats are doing the same! Bedlam.

Normally we do one of two things.  Either we get out of town and go to the coast, or we hide out at home with the gates shut.  This year we did neither and suffered the consequences.

The flowers will still be there another day; we should have waited until the crowds weren’t.


  1. Hee hee, I used to live in a few tourist spots and would get snarky at visitors also. Next year I think you should definitely escape.

  2. Kinda glad we didn't end up going this year now! Honestly I had forgotten what it was like at Carnival time. Ha. The buses full of oldies are so funny.


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