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Friday, 14 December 2012

Someone's on the naughty list...

After yesterday's seriousness I thought something lighter would be best!

My cats are a big part of our family.

Max, our little boy, has a reputation for naughtiness and trashing everything he can get his paws on.

Lilly on the other hand is generally pretty well behaved...

...except when it comes to the Xmas tree, then all bets are off.

The other day I kept catching her trying to chew of the branches, which would be a spiky, plastickey experience!

I decided to make a short film of it, maybe I will show it at her 18th....

Please excuse the crappy production values, it is my first ever video.  The original had music on it and was brilliant, but YouTube & Facebook blocked it...bastards. So you will just have to sing Santa Claus is coming to town to yourself as you watch it!

Love Jo xxx


  1. LOL! Did you spray the tree with catnip or something? She's very focussed on it!

    1. Ha, no I didn't. I keep catching her doing it though, must feel nice! That's when she isn't inspecting the presents of course!


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