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Thursday, 13 December 2012


Warning: This post includes video that is graphic and confronting. 
I make no apologies for this but understand if horrifying road safety ads are not for you. 
I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I don't drive when on new medication, I don't text or use my mobile handset whilst driving.  I don't hoon or speed.
But I am human, capable of driving distracted or tired, I try not to but life gets in the way sometimes.
Most of us know someone who has been taken too soon as the result of a motor vehicle accident.
All of us are horrified by the news of multiple fatalities occurring seemingly more and more often.
As a mother I am terrified for my teenage son.  He is a good kid, sensible. So are his mates .  But the parents of those killed or maimed on our roads would say the same.
I firmly believe that the following video should be shown to school kids and those applying for drivers licences.
I believe that drunk and drugged drivers should be dealt with more harshly.  That people caught on mobiles, speaking or texting should lose their phones, much like hoons lose their vehicle.
Emergency services members, whether they be firies, police or ambos, doctors, nurses, care-flight pilots and crews, or any of the multitude of related services need all the help they can get.  They deserve respect
As a community we must each play our part to reduce the carnage on our roads.
I have shared this video before with some of you in the past but I think it's worth doing it again.
Before you watch grab a tissue and make sure the kids are out of earshot.

Love Jo xxx

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