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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Tonks, but not the HP character...

My son says I am a crazy cat lady...

Growing up I always hated cats, we never had them as kids and I was horribly allergic to those belonging to my friends.  When my son was 8 he wanted a dog, we compromised on a cat and I settled for a life of anti-histamines.  Luckily the breed we chose don't cause me allergies, and 6 months later another kitten from the same family "followed me home".

We have two Tonkinese kitties, a boy and a girl, 7 & 8 years old respectively.

They are indoor cats, always have been.  Max used to try and get outside all the time, many a visitor was yelled at to "shut the door before the cat gets out!"

They are a joy, sometimes the only joy in my day!

The boy, Max, is more dog than cat, instigates games of fetch, welcomes people at the door and sees EVERY lap, whether it is family, a business or repair person, as his to sit in.  Once when we were having the fridge fixed he sat in the sparky's lap the whole time he was fixing the wiring. 

Max is a chewer, tea towels, clothes (sometimes when you are still wearing them), unattended shoe laces, stuffed toys, you name it, he will eat it.

Max enjoying the sun...
Due to a medical condition he must only eat cat biscuits from the vet, which means they both do...expensive!

Max either operates at 100% or zero, he is either talking his head off and running around, or he is sleeping.  Except when you climb the stairs, then her will emerge from seemingly nowhere to race you, up or down, he doesn't care.  He was always definitely my cat, but since my hospital stays earlier this year he now shares himself out between me & my husband.

Our girl, Lilly, is a great big sook.  She is a runner and a hider...unless she perceives a threat to Max, then she will stand and fight.  She really only talks to my son, to her he is everything, she loves him to the point of distraction.

Lilly...shy or sneaky, take your pick!

They fight, oh how they fight.  The screaming and growling, howling and crashing around is phenomenal.  They run around sounding as if they are wearing work sometimes sounds like there is a person walking around upstairs.

But they also love each other, if they can't immediately find each other they call out in the most mournful way, they clean each other for hours, well Max will give Lilly a couple of licks then settle down and she will clean HIM for hours, they always cuddle when asleep.

Not an evening goes by without them both sitting with me on the lounge watching TV, usually ON me to be honest.

This is their usual daytime position.

They have a LOT of toys, sleeping mats, scratching posts and cat towers, but they still prefer the lounge has to always be against a wall due to their scratching...little buggers.

So, yes, I may be a crazy cat lady, but in my opinion there are far worse things to be!

I have joined AbsoluteLeigh's  Furrtastic Blog Hop

Love Jo xxx


  1. Aww, they're so cute! I only have one feline flatmate, but she seems to make enough noise and mess for two :)

  2. Aww such cuties!! :D I have 2 DSH kitties...will be linking up as part of this blog hop...

  3. Your babies are beautiful. I am a Siamese addict, we have had Burmese before too and they are awesome. So Tonks must be a pretty good mix of the two.

    Thanks for joining in :)

  4. Oh, they are so so gorgeous! I recently just adopted a Tonkinese and I'm sooo in love!!


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