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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Happiness project

In early April, Seven Cherubs initiated a Happiness project where we were to record one sentence a day about something that made us happy or that we were grateful for.
I decided to participate, thinking it would be a quick and easy project. Little did I know just how tricky it would be some days to find something to write down.

Here's my list...

10/04 Had a lovely, quiet day with MrQ.

11/04 Happy to spend some quality time with my teenage son.

12/04 The weather is simply gorgeous today, gives me a real lift.

13/04 Grateful for the new business opportunities passed on.

14/04 Love simple things – a big pile of junk mail to look through.

15/04 Happy MrQ is coming home tonight after a week away.

16/04 Watching movies with my boys, bliss.

17/04 Walked to the markets with my guy, beautiful day.

18/04 Lit the first fire of the year, always makes me feel good.

19/04 An exciting time in my business.

20/04 Happy to have had a good night’s sleep.

21/04 Grateful for good friends.

22/04 Loving that we have 5 uninterrupted days together as a family.

23/04 Happy that home delivery exists for shopping, supermarket is ridiculous today.

24/04 Love the way everything looks and smells fresh after a storm.

25/04 I am eternally grateful to those who sacrificed all so that we may live the lives we choose.

26/04 Happy pottering around at home.

27/04 Glad to be busy with work.

28/04 Love picking some last flowers from my garden.

29/04 Happy for Wills and Kate!

30/04 Grateful to have such a loving son.

01/05 I love walking in Autumn.

02/05 Gotta love a long weekend with family.

03/05 Love watching the parrots at our bird feeder.

04/05 Happy to discover I have won a prize from Woogsworld!

05/05 Wow, great day – happy to also win a Tron DVD from Dosedannie.

06/05 Love snuggling with my cats when it’s cold.

07/05 Happy to sleep in today.

08/05 Grateful to my fantastic Mum for always being there.

09/05 Loving the cooler weather.

10/05 Grateful for the outlet blogging gives me!

So there it is.

I was surprised that some days I struggled to find something positive to write down. I think in the rush that is my life I don't take enough time to think of the things that make me happy, or that i am grateful for. And that's sad...

So I will be continuing the project for myself, taking the time each day to look for the positives, because they are there, I just don't pay enough attention.

What makes you happy?


  1. Wow! You're doing so well with the competitions. Great stuff! I loved reading the simple pleasures in your life - a walk, time spent with family and pottering! :)

  2. It's been a lucky month! I think your list is so good - just a quiet acknowledgment of the little things that happen each day to make everything worthwhile. That's what it's all about in the end!! I love your Wills and Kate comment in there, made me chuckle. x

  3. Thanks, it has been a learning experience for me to start to acknowledge all the little things that make me happy instead of thinking life was pretty boring and there wasn't much to be grateful for.


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