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Monday, 30 May 2011

Love at first sight…

…I never really believed in the concept. 
Until I first saw the house which would later become our home.
Mr Q found the ad in the paper, dragged me along to a viewing with me telling him to keep right on driving when I saw the street.  When he pulled up outside I was transfixed, out of the car in a flash I was half-way up the path before his door was closed!
It was mid-winter of 2004, and I was in love!

Just walking in the door that first time it felt like coming home, like the house was giving us a great big hug.
Perfect for the three of us, the right price and right when our old house sold, it was meant to be.
Our house is great in winter, with lamps lit and the fire roaring, something cooking away in the kitchen, as it was on that first inspection day.
Mind you, she’s pretty good in summer too, with verandas, a huge back deck and shady trees all around.  At Xmas with the lights twinkling she is just beautiful.

Built in 1905, she’s changed a bit over the years but still retains her lovely looks.   She is quite small, more your cottage than full blown house, and with a teenager and a hoarding habit (mine) we seem to be bursting at the seams. 
The old girl needs some work, a few stumps to replace, the odd wonky floorboard, some paint, maybe a new bathroom…and we are trying to decide what to do next.  Do we sell?  Not what I want to do… Do we renovate? Not what Mr Q wants to do…both of us fiercely determined to get our way. 
But it looks like soon it will just be the two of us, with the teenager making some big decisions as we speak, and then she will be the perfect size again…

And for the record, the street is fine!!!

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