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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Just ‘cause you’ve got money...

.....doesn’t mean you have class!

Since the wedding Wills and Kate have dropped off the radar so the media have to find something else to go on about that is vaguely related...several recent news stories about the “royals” highlight this perfectly.

There were the outfits worn to the wedding by the Princess’ Beatrice & Eugenie...mind you, their mother never had any idea either!

The Spencer girls...Di’s nieces, fighting in public, general air of tartiness...nuff said.

Now someone who did look great- smart and elegant, was Camilla. She will never have class either, but at least she looked good on the day.

Then there are Kate’s brother and sister...The Bum and whatshisface...Not royal but topical. If you let people take pics of you in your undies you get what you deserve. On a side note, call me boring but I never spent time with my mates in the nick or hanging around in my knickers...seems kinda creepy to me. Does anyone really care anyway?

Sorry, no pics, blogger isn't working properly! xxx

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