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Friday, 6 March 2015

Get it right!

One thing I really hate with a passion is some people's inability to construct a sentence.  Not being able to tell the difference between your and you're, there, their and they're or lose and loose.
I can barely contain myself on social media as gross grammar crimes are committed with increasing frequency.  Is it so hard to read what you're writing before you post it?
I was discussing this very thing with my sister the other day, she's the same, can't stand bad grammar.
Today I found a story about a real estate sign that was marked and graded by an obviously perfectly normal, well adjusted individual, as one would when confronted with such a grammar disaster. 
Here's the original story
My only concern with this story is the website's referring to the marker as a nerd.  I think not.
If you're in any doubt, here's a quick guide to commonly confused words and their meanings.  You're welcome.

Love Jo xxx

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