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Monday, 2 March 2015


Always in the middle of things
 Thursday last week was one of the toughest days I've ever lived.  It's taken days to blog about it, even now as I write, it's through buckets of tears.

Our little boy cat, Max was a bit off-colour, so we took him to a specialist vet for a check-up on Thursday morning.  He was fine at 9.30am when we left him, by 3.00pm he was gone.

We were with him when he passed, it was gentle and peaceful.  The vets were kind and compassionate, giving us all the time we needed to say goodbye.

Max was not quite 10 years old...too young to die.  He was a major part of our family for just over 9 1/2 years and will always remain in our hearts.

You left paw prints on our hearts

 Loved and remembered always

      07/04/2005 - 26/02/2015
How we see him...our little angel.

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