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Friday, 10 June 2011


It seems to me that in general, contestants on reality shows take themselves way to seriously.
In the past it was the contestants on Big Brother, whinging about not “playing the game” …why the hell else were they there?  and “people not being themselves”... who the hell else would you be? 
Recently we finished another season of Biggest Loser, this year in particular a bunch of generally unlikeable people crapping on about their “journey” …
Now we are immersed in the latest offering from the Master Chef franchise.

Overnight, another spoiled brat was thrown off the show and is now harping on about it being “unfair”. She cooked like shit, got kicked out, fair enough…others with more talent and credibility have already gone.  Maybe she was put up for her unpleasant attitude more than her slightly dodgy cupcake skills.  I’m sorry; anyone who fails to cook chicken properly or forgets to cook rice to go with curry doesn’t have much of a future with food.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love this show.  I love the drama, the tears, the hissy fits, the disasters and the occasional triumph…I pick up cooking tips and the odd recipe too…
…but I am not going to eat anything that these people choose to serve up in a restaurant until they are properly trained and have some experience behind them.
Undercooked meat is the least of my worries though.  I’m not eating anything served up by some greasy haired, jewellery encrusted sweaty amateur in a bad hat.  I don’t see any of the guest celebrity chefs in need of a wash or a haircut; they are all neat & tidy, extremely well presented and professional.
It seems to me that people are pinning their hopes and dreams, their very futures on a game show that they have no control over.  The competition is for entertainment only, skill does play a part but at the end of the day does not necessarily guarantee you anything…some of the biggest success stories from past seasons were contestants kicked out relatively early.
As with any game, it is how you play that counts.  If you compete with integrity and are accountable for your own actions, take responsibility for your mistakes and stop looking for someone else to blame for your misfortune you still may not win but will ultimately be a success.
A good mantra for life actually, don’t you think?

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  1. agreed, now I too love the show and get good tips from the the greazy studded and the amount of hair flicking and just the scratch of their faces and heads nearly everynight make me sick up in my mouth..where the hell are the hairnets and food hygene here..grosses me out nightly.


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