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Friday, 17 June 2011

Stop calling me…

I have my own home based business, which means I spent the majority of time in my office…at home.
One thing I have noticed, particularly in the last couple of months is the increase in begging phone calls during the day…and don’t get me started on the surveys!

On the home line it is calls for either this foundation or that, fundraising for equipment, underprivileged etc.  One the business line it is sponsorship for magazines, golf clubs, schools, you name it, they call me.
It seems to be one call on each line…EVERY DAY!  Every one is a sob story, designed to pull at the heart strings and make you feel like crap if you don’t help…like RIGHT NOW.  We are not talking about a few bucks either, the business ones are looking for $400 odd bucks a time…I am not running a multi-national here you know…even the ones on the home line are looking for $20 here, $50 there…
I do what I can, have favourite charities that I give to regularly, ones which have special significance for me…but times are tough and I simply cannot give to everyone I would rather give a meaningful amount to one or two charities than bits and bobs to many.
A worrying trend right now is charities who either thank you for past assistance -when you have never heard of them. Or worse, organisations who claim you have agreed to assist them when you damn well know that you said no!
And blocking your number shrieks of sneakiness to me, I have to question your legitimacy if you hide your identity!
I am busy here, and I’m sorry, I am not just going to give to every desperate voice on the phone.
In the past I have had a problem with saying no, maybe I am not forceful enough, so that is something I have to work on.
My home number is on the do not call register, but that doesn’t help with charities or surveys, politicians etc., as they are exempt, but they are the worst offenders.  I really think that the loophole allowing them to call is being abused and something ought to be done about it.
To anyone involved in charities please consider your fundraising methods, ringing someone who says no every month or two to see if they have changed their mind isn’t going to wear them down, it’s going to piss them off.  


  1. I am as weak as and have been known to say yes, then email them to say no within the cooling off period :(

  2. It is hard, everyone is doing it tough! I choose a couple of charity's & that is all I give to. That is what I tell the others too! :-)

  3. Luckily it has settled down again this week, it was getting to the stage where I was answering 3 or 4 calls a day...ridiculous!!!


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