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Thursday, 17 March 2011

3 years....

In a few days it will be three years since I quit smoking.
I was lucky, I decided to quit and I did.  Cold turkey, no problems.
I think the key is I didn’t enjoy it any more.  I didn’t enjoy the cost, the health effects, the smell, and the social isolation, the having to go outside in the cold or rain or stand near the bins for my fix...pathetic.  More importantly, I just went right off the taste of cigarettes.
I started smoking in my mid-teens, and smoked on an off until my late 30’s.  I quit a couple of times over the years, didn’t smoke when pregnant or breast feeding, but always went back.  Mostly because I enjoyed it.
I now can’t stand the smell of they say; there is nothing worse than a reformed smoker.
Do I see a difference in my health?  Definitely.   I have less allergy symptoms, colds don’t turn into chest infections, I don’t get out of breath doing light exercise, and I generally feel better in myself.
Did I put on weight?  You better believe it! A LOT! I was overweight before but now it is a major issue, and my next project.
Do I see a difference in my finances, not really.  But I guess I switched to driving a V8 at roughly the same time so that absorbed the extra cash.
Now the harsh truth, are there days, even now, where I have the urge to smoke...yes there are.  Do I feel like a smoke writing this post, maybe.
Would I do it?  No way!

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