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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Who do you hate right now?

What with all the misery Mother Nature is bringing down upon our heads of late it seems that certain “celebrities” are having to step up their antics in order to be noticed.
Here is a handful I am hating at the moment in no particular order...
v  Charlie first it was amusing, now it isn’t.  Don’t think this will end well.  My heart goes out to his family.
v  Lindsay Lohan...yawn
v  Paris Hilton...wait a minute, where’d she go....

v  Sarah does one repeatedly get into multi-millions of dollars debt, who the hell is lending this loser money? If I were Fergie I might pretend I wasn’t going to the in the UK anyway when the wedding I was not invited to was on...but I might at least pretend I was working to clear my debts...
v  Shane Warne...Why girls, WHY would you go there...I just don’t see the attraction myself! Seriously cannot be that much money, he is a has been (some may say never really was...)
v  Matthew Newton...Odd looking, questionable actor and frequently off his does he manage to get women to go out with him?
v  Ricky Nixon...WTF!  Rehab won’t save you...
v  Footy players who believe their own hype and invincibility *insert name here, there is a large list of these morons to chose from across all codes* it or not you are a role model so start behaving like it!  These fans, often children, pay your inflated salaries so give them what they deserve, great football.
And a special mention to the media who report on and created the frenzy around these losers and egomaniacs...shame on you!!!
This list is by no means exhaustive; there are many more celebrities I love to hate. 
So tell me, who do you just hate right now?

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