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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


When I married I gained a couple of sisters, one brilliant, one not so. 
I already had a younger sister, she is great and I love her to bits but this post isn’t about her.
One sister-in-law I could quite frankly do without, and come to think of it I do! This post isn’t about her either...
The other helped me get ready for my wedding, was there during my pregnancy  to drive me to the doctor when I was too big to fit behind the wheel, was at the hospital for me during the birth, speaking out for me when things weren’t going great and afterwards, when I was finding my way as a new parent.   
I’m not sure I ever really expressed my will take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!!!!
There was the Christmas day where we drank our way through seven bottles of wine between the two of us, Super Mario Bros, Canasta, the camping trip when we had to fend off Godzilla sized goanna intent on helping itself to our supplies, backyard cricket and barbeques...too many good times to mention over the years.
There were also the not so good times, where we pulled together as a family to overcome the shit that life sometimes throws at you. 
I hope that you all have someone in your life like her ... it makes the journey so much better.

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