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Friday, 11 March 2011


At 12.17am 11 March 1994 my boy was born by c-section after 25 hours labour. At the time he was 56.2cm tall weighed 9lb 10oz and I wondered how to handle someone so tiny -  actually, right then I was looking for better pain relief and more of it! They asked me if I wanted to feed him just after he was born and to my eternal shame I allegedly told the nurse to fuck off...must have been the drugs! 
Back then he didn’t sleep much and fed all the time. So none of us got much sleep.
Exhibit A - Two weeks old and no sleep............
  Today he is 17 years old and over 6 feet tall.  He still doesn’t sleep enough and eats all the time.
He tells me his is a man now and should be treated as such...but I still see my little boy!
I am not allowed to post a current picture of him as apparently that is not cool... as it is his birthday I will respect that.
So after 17 years of tears and tantrums, cuddles and kisses, adhd, broken bones and concussions, soccer and computer games and many, MANY proud moments I just wanted to say I wouldn’t change a thing...

Happy Birthday Mick!!!


  1. My little boy is about to turn 17 too. Over 6 feet tall & eats all the time. A beautiful young man, sometimes still more boy than man (man-child!) love him to pieces & I too, wouldn't change a thing.


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