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Friday, 18 March 2011

Working girl...

We live in a nice street in a country town, surrounded by working families.
There is a hooker living and working two doors up from our place. 

No-one ever sees her, but the constant stream of shifty looking blokes driving up and down the street and scuttling in and out is very evident.
The lady next door blatantly takes rego numbers, another posts religious messages under their windscreen wipers while they are “on the job”, you know, helpful things like ”God is watching what you are doing” because that’s not creepy at all...
Generally it isn’t too much of a problem except that we know she is there.  The council knows she is there, the police do too, occasionally they raid the place but nothing ever changes.
But the very WORST thing of all? 
Someone I know is  often blatantly parked outside her place for a “visit”...a very married man with a child.  He knows I know, and he doesn’t care. 
And that shits me! 


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