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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


It has been almost two months since terrible floods ripped our beautiful town apart.  The pain and shock of those days is fading and a sense of normalcy is coming back.
Toowoomba - 10-01-2011   © 2011 Copyright J Traill

That day had a huge effect on me, making me look hard at my life, what's important (and what's not).  In comparison with all that was lost by people in those days in early January I am lucky.  I have a fantastic family, lovely home, great business.... and yet I feel a "hole" in my life, like something is missing.  I think that something is me, I am present but I am not living my life...I need to step up and start to.

So this blog is about me finding out who I am, not just a wife, a mother, a business woman, but a person.

I may be self-indulgent, will quite possibly be rude, will often be cranky but will always be honest.

Won't you join me for the ride?


  1. Best of luck and I hope you enjoy blogging! xo

  2. Have just read all of your posts, loving the honesty. It looks as if you are enjoying blogging.



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