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Thursday, 14 July 2011

After birth...

Inspired by the ever funny Mrs Woog I have decided to share some of the glamorous photos taken before and after the birth of my son. 

Pop on over to see what she had to say, it’s OK, I’ll wait…
There was no money for beauticians so I went with the natural look. I was very lucky in pregnancy; it was the best my skin, hair and nails have ever been!

 Anyway, at this point I was beyond caring, two weeks overdue with a big baby in the heat of late summer my look was the last thing on my mind!

There are no delivery room shots, things were too serious for that, there aren’t even any shots for a couple of days after, I was too sick for that!

Between admission and induction, I was feeling pretty good about things at this stage… 


Several days later, the drip is out so it is after day 4…I swelled up like a balloon!

Oh dear....

My precious, made it all worthwhile...

All together now...awwww

 How about you?  Care to share???

In the unlikely event that you do not already follow Mrs Woog go and check her out...



  1. That is awesome! I loved Mrs Woog's post and really got a giggle out of it. I am a photo person and had photos of both my births, but with the second for the Boychild actually had an action shot down there (yes how foolish was I!). I have this look on my face like I am about to KILL someone and you can see my son's head but it looks like he has no skull and you can only see his brains. Why would I want that recorded for prosperity?
    Anyway, I'll share some pics a bit later too (not that one, I promise!!). Thanks for the post - it is fantastic! And yes, those little bundles in our arms make it all SO very worthwhile!

  2. I haven't actually heard of Ms Woog...must have been living under a rock perhaps?

    I have no pictures of me in labour... I was quite the psycho when I was in labour so would have banned pictures for sure. You seem so calm, cool and collected and so very beautiful too!

    Best wishes and happy week,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me.

    PS Thanks so much for dropping by and following my blog-it's lovely to meet you!

  3. Thank you for your kind words ladies.

    Jane, that pic might just be a bit too much reality for us all, loved your post!

    Natasha, Pleased to meet you too. you simply must go and check out Mrs Woog, she is funny and very honest in her views!

    Cheers Jo xxx


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