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Monday, 18 July 2011

Postpartum (or After-after birth…)

Mrs Woog certainly started something here didn't she?  There is an equally brilliant follow up post on her blog with gorgeous pictures of lots of ladies post-birth.

Jane, from mum-i-am also did a great post in response.  Check it out here.

I think that the idea resonated with so many of us as we are all sick of the picture perfect model style photos people chose to show after their babies are born, hair and make-up done, lumpy bits disguised. 

Far more beautiful are the pictures of a tired, sweaty mum with bloodshot eyes and a bird’s nest hairstyle!  Eyes glazed with a mix of triumph, exhaustion, sheer terror and quite often a liberal sprinkling of drugs!

A common theme in comments and posts is how gorgeous and lovely people’s Obstetricians were.  Mine alas was not.  A very serious and quite frankly unfriendly man with hands like bunches of bananas – have you notices that Ob/Gyn’s often have the largest hands, what is with that?  



  1. It was a good post. But my Ob/gyn had teeny tiny hands. Mind you they still felt bloody big when they were up my hoo-ha!

  2. My OB was a lady and she had a funny personality - you would go for one appointment and she'd be the Ice Queen, then at the next she'd be all chatty, then back to the Ice Queen.
    However, when push came to shove (pardon the pun hehehehe!), I couldn't have asked for better. She was there when I needed her and clear about what to do and how exactly to do it. My questions were all answered and she looked out for my best interests. She was the sort of OB that the nurses feared. If she said jump, they would do it without question & I know of a couple of private patients that got much better rooms as a result of her complaints about where they had been put.
    I'm so loving your posts!!


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