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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How does your garden grow? sheer dumb luck it would appear in my case!

I am not known for my green thumb, I tend to enthusiastically plant potted colour around the place with visions of a splendid display of flowers.  I furiously sow herb & veggie seeds in every available space anticipating a magnificent harvest and near self-sufficiency…I water and feed my darlings religiously for a few weeks, then get distracted by something else…one by one they  die off, leaving a few disreputable specimens that never bear produce but that I feel so guilty about I can’t chuck away.

My current efforts, winter frosts have not been kind...
So in a huge move and after much discussion, nothing gets done around here without a LOT of discussion, it has been decided that we will be building a veggie garden.

There is talk of retaining walls, soil mixes, compost and worm farms…
Land has been allocated - how grand – and currently materials are being sourced.
We are as yet undecided as to what will be grown but are thinking of veggies for stir-fries & salads.
I am very much looking forward to enjoying the “fruits” of our labours.  Last summer we grew a lot of our salad veggies in pots on the back deck, that was OK but this year we are going to attempt something bigger.
I already grow most of the herbs we use and will be trying some extra ones now that we will have more room.
There is even talk of some fruit trees…

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  1. At my last place I had a HUGE vege/herb garden. Was quite spectacular!

    Here I have (had) a few herbs in pots...which my sheep recently chewed down to the dirt. Hmpf.


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