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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Living with boys…

 I love my boys, I am very grateful for them, sometimes though it can be a bit much. 

Yesterday morning son walks out of the bathroom and says to husband, you might not want to go in there for a while, I just farted and it’s BAD.  To which husband replies, that’s OK, I just farted out here and its REALLY BAD.   A few minutes later I walked into the dining room, big mistake, as I picked myself off the floor and gasped for breath husband says, Oh yeah, I might have just farted… sigh.   Sadly this is common in our household, often without warning.

Someone will go and fetch a new toilet roll and place it on the toilet cistern for use, and leave the empty roll on the holder…or change the roll but leave the empty one on the side of the sink, one foot from the bin…WTF???

I don’t understand the need to spend half an hour in the loo with carefully select reading material to take in with you so you don’t get bored….and then “forgetting” to turn on the fan or give a quick “courtesy spray” of air-freshener on the way out…

Then there’s the inability to put plates in the dishwasher when you finish eating, occasional packing of the dishwasher after dinner but leaving the pots and pans unwashed…and wiping off the bench with a dripping wet cloth, would it kill them to squeeze the cloth first?

I don’t understand the roaming around the house in underpants complaining that it’s cold.

This list is not an exhaustive one, there are many, many things I do not understand about living with boys.

I’m sure it isn’t just my boys…
what do your boys do to make you crazy?



  1. You have no idea how much I relate to this post Queensland Girl! Alas, my husband too is a farter, not just a father. I try and try to convince him that it would serve him better to just step out the back or side doors into the yard, as opposed to putting me through the disgusting smell. And as if that isn't enough, he thinks it is just hilarious to absolutely force them out! He is totally renowned for his farting ability. But then, I knew all about it when I married him. I guess I just continue to think that I'll somehow manage to convince him that I deserve to NOT be subjected to it!
    What else drives me crazy? Ironically my last post was all about this - go and have a read if you have a spare minute and please leave me a comment! Today, though, I have come up with another one (hope I don't sound like I'm grizzling too much as I do love dear Husband!). Husband goes away for work for three days each fortnight so is away for two nights. We bought our new home about 2 years ago and it had a walk in robe in our room that is more than double our last cupboard, but I just can't seem to convince dear Husband that this is in fact where his clothes belong, rather than on the floor beside the bed. At least he is putting them neatly beside the bed now, but as he leaves on his work 'away' trip, he dumps everything in the wash. My carefully worked through empty washing basket is now choc-a-block. Can't seem to convince him that if he just sorted them as he went, he wouldn't be without his clothes for such a long time, as now I refuse to was them swiftly.
    Wouldn't be without them though, would we!

  2. I'm lucky I can't smell so when some one farts it doesn't worry me. I have been told by Nana that sometimes a ladies fart can be worse then a guys.

    Also want to take this chance to tell you I come across your blog from @Maidinaustralia & I'm now not only following your blog but following you on twitter.

    loving your work

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  3. Hey guys, thanks for the comments!

    Jane, I certainly wouldn't be without my boys, unfortunately means I have to put up with the farting!

    Ms_MotorbikeNut, welcome!

  4. I only have one boy (husband) to contend with but the flatulence makes my eyes water! He sees no reason to excuse himself from the immediate vicinty so it doesn't make the rest of us pass out. Oh and I get a bit crazy woman when he throws his dirty clothes on the floor NEXT to the washing basket. Is it too much to ask that you just put them in the basket???

    Found you on FYBF :)

  5. My boy is only a baby but he is certainly a BOY. I thought they grew into being smelly, noisy creatures but he was born farting!!

  6. My husband has taught my daughter to blame her farts on others. Boys!

  7. what is with the reading on the toilet?

  8. Thanks for the comments guys!!! Glad to see I'm not alone in this....

    I guess boys will be boys! Gotta love 'em anyway!


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