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Thursday, 4 October 2012


The silly season is almost upon us according to supermarkets and department stores.  Their sense of desperation is palpable, with shelves groaning under seasonal foods, confectionery and decorations galore. 

With this early bombardment a girl's thoughts turn to the gifts yet to be purchased. 

Now I love Christmas as much as anyone, have already toured around the shops looking at the early displays and am planning a trip to Christmas Complete at the Sunshine Coast.

Our family tend to only buy gifts for the kids and send a much appreciated hamper of booze to their grandparents, but if we were to buy presents for all and sundry I would look for the easy options of booze or chockies.

This year as I have more time on my hands I thought I would look at some of the options available for the more difficult people in our lives, you know, the ones we HAVE to buy for but couldn't give a shit about.

In no particular order are my top 5 picks of craptastic gifts with helpful web addresses:

Sudoku toilet paper...enough to give you the shits!
Gentleman's ball scratcher, for the busy executive

Cat's bum towel holder...coz you can never have enough cat tatt

Boxed set of Knight Rider DVD's...would sure leave me speechless!

Danielle Steel Perfume, in fact insert any celebrity perfume...Just because you like their music or movies do you really want to smell like them?

...and because I love you all, here is a bonus shared by a dear friend. I am a little worried that this may turn up in my stocking this year!

Complete with a tin of spray-on hair...strange

Have you given, or received,  a craptastic gift of the standard of the fine ones listed here?

Love Jo xxx


  1. I kind of want the cat bum towel holder. I'm not sure why, I just know I want it.


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