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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Customer service, what's that?

I was running late, stressed, lots still to do.  You know, a normal afternoon.

I dropped my son at work and made the fateful decision to not park at the major shopping centre, brave the crowds (I'm not good in a crowd at the moment), and use a major national supermarket.

I drove to a nearby "international" supermarket, proud of it's cost saving probably know who I mean if you live in the Eastern states of Oz.

The car park was full of people standing around yapping and smoking, not a great start.

After I negotiated my way through the crowd and actually made it into the store I was assaulted by the smell of slightly off veggies (a recurring theme I have found, yes, I have shopped here once or twice before) and higgledy piggely stacks of unknown brands masquerading as known and loved ones.

I dashed around and found some items roughly matching my list and made it to the checkouts.

There was NOT ONE SINGLE operator in sight. No-one.  A tumbleweed went by.  Someone popped up pretending to stack a shelf, studiously avoiding everyone's eyes. 

A woman with several barely controlled children was piling up more groceries than I have ever seen in a trolley onto the counter.  I stood there with my 5 items, correct change and eco bag in hand.  She was also avoiding eye contact.

Eventually the shelf stacker reluctantly started serving the woman, mostly to get rid of the kids I think.  Another operator eventually turned up and took the person from the BACK of the considerable queue to another checkout.

All through this I barely held it together, practising my shiny new mindfulness exercises and swearing to myself I would NEVER shop here again.

People may hate the supermarket duopoly we have in this country but you can count on cleanliness, a choice of products and at least a few staff on duty.

Have you had a similar experience or do you prefer to shop in these establishments?

Ok, ranty pants moment is over, I'm off to Yoga now.

Love Jo xxx


  1. I'm a huge fan of online grocery shopping. You can do it in the nude, they deliver to to your door, and if you act female and helpless enough they'll even unpack it for you.

    1. I usually shop online too Kellie, but it was just a couple of quick time I won't bother!

  2. Ugh, I hate shopping of any description so that would have done my head in! You did well!
    New follower on board, Crissy. :)

    1. Welcome Crissy. I am putting together an online shop now to avoid the shops altogether!


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