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Monday, 15 October 2012

Natural gas...

So, on Wednesday I start a six-week Yoga & Meditation course.

Okay, okay…you can stop laughing now.  I am definitely built for comfort not contortions but this course is largely based on stress management and is therefore more slow and gentle on the body.
How it should look...
The problem is…and there is no way to be delicate about it, when you are rolling around the floor or stretching out a certain amount of gas wishes to, nay demands to be released.

It’s not like aerobics when the music blasts and you might get away with the odd toot.  The music is low and gentle, and your neighbours are potentially less than a metre from you. 
There is no-where to hide.

Last week I went along to an introductory class and managed to keep my dignity intact, others didn’t.  I managed to contain my giggles even as my eyes watered.

What is it about accidental farting that is funny, even to adults?
This week’s class is longer and more involved, and I am planning on avoiding gas promoting foods from now until then…wish me luck!

Love Jo xxx

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