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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Most Haunted

In my time I have been known to watch possibly more than my fair share of crap on TV.

At our last place we had pay TV, a virtual treasure trove of crap to suit your every need.

My guilty pleasure was the shows featuring psychics or ghost hunters.

You know, you’ve all watched them at some stage.  An odd mix of dodgy characters blundering around “spooky” locations in the dark, scared shitless by the wind and each other, never actually catching anything on film despite the number of badly operated hand held cameras being used except shots up the nostrils of various cast members.

My favourite are the “psychics” who are the most frightened by the unexpected noises and supposed ghosties.  Surely they should see it coming?  And in one infamous show the psychic who would be “possessed” at every.single.location he went to and the only thing that could bring him around was a cuddle and a drink of water.  Oh the hilarity.

There have been a number of parodies produced over the years but the one following is top of the list of my favourites.  It is a bit long but is spot on. Enjoy!
Love Jo xxx


  1. But no matter how silly they are, you can't help watching them! They're like the television equivilant of crack!


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