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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Stove love

Today is a first world problem, selfish whingy post.  Sorry.

I used to have a stove I loved.  Yes, I loved it.

It was 900mm wide, stainless steel with 6 gas burners.

It was a thing of beauty.  I'm pretty sure it  sold our last house by itself.

No I have a 600mm glass induction cooktop.

I hate it. 

It takes forever for things to heat up, is impossible to simmer anything and only lets you use two medium sized pots/pans at a time.

Today I told my husband that when we move next I would be prepared to live  anywhere as long as I have a great stove again.

Of course I meant I want to live in a NICE house with a great stove...

What type of stove-top do you prefer to cook on?

Love Jo xxx

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  1. My oven and I have a relationship of equal parts animosity and fear. It's gas and about a bazillion years old, so I'm always convinced its going to explode in the middle of the night.


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