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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Baby talk

You have a baby, if they are anything like mine by 18 months they could talk the back off a bus, by 2 years they  talk in full sentences and swear fluently and in context but only in public and invariably around old, shockable types*blush*.
You know how it is, those first few months you can’t wait for them to talk and then they start, and they just don’t stop to draw breath, always with questions and stories and questions, and them some more questions...until around their 13th birthday, and then they choose to communicate in a series of grunts and shrugs for years.
I spent the first year of my son’s life at home with him, talking to him, reading to him, singing to him which they tell me is why he talked early.  I put in all the hard yards and the little bugger’s first guessed it, “Dada”. 
If you are anything like us a few of their gems become family “tradition”, long after the kid stops using them.  
Here are a few of our favourites (with translations for those not fluent in toddler):
Yakamoo – Vacuum, he was terrified of it, come to think of it, now he is 17 he still is!
Bewibwetly – As in, “I didn’t do it Bewibwetly Mummy”
P-catz – Pussy cats, he wanted one so badly, didn’t get one until he was 10, the name stuck.
Wists – Wrists, as in “Daddy’s got sore wists” in hushed tones accompanied by a sympathetic head tilt.  (Our arthritis story is for another time.)
Cuffatea – Dad drinks coffee, Mum drinks tea, put it together you have a cuffatea.
Have love – When his much older sister had a boyfriend over and they were in her room (door open of course!), and my little sweetie marched  in and asked if they were going to “have love”, I tell you I have never seen a guy move so fast to get out of there! Hehehe
Annnd the big finale...drum roll please.  Sausage, which involved some nappy free time, squatting to play on the floor and the comment “look Mummy...sausage!” Both hilarious and ewwww at the same time. a Mum of a boy you have to roll with the punches and laugh at poo too!
What little gems have your kids added to the family vocabulary?

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