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Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Ok, so I have hinted and skirted around the fact that I have some weight to lose, okay, a LOT of weight to lose.

I have lost heaps and gained it back with extra over the years.
The fact is I now have to lose approximately what a whole person weighs.
While I have been overweight for my whole adult life the last 10 years have seen me really pile it on.  A combination of stress, depression and hormonal issues has led me to the situation I am now in.
My health is starting to be affected, my doctor is on my back to make changes, and worse (to my fucked up mind), my sister has recently lost a huge amount of weight.
I don’t want to live this way any longer, the smirks, the comments, the feeling like crap need to stop.  No sure why people HAVE to be assholes, at least I can lose weight, they will always be assholes!
I have tried it all, the big expensive companies, weight watchers – online & meetings, shakes & fads, nothing has worked for me.  So last week I bit the bullet and went to see a Dietician, she was lovely.  She gave me the confidence to address some things in my life and a general guide to eating.   It isn’t so much my meals that are the problem; it is all the other shit I eat too!  She also suggested counselling, meh, am so not going there!
I don’t feel strong enough to actually put my weight out there for now, or a picture! But I will share that I would like to lose 58kg...brings tears to your eyes hey?
So, I work best when I am accountable, so I figure that this is the way to go for me.
I have added a weight loss tracker to my blog which I will update every week.
I will set myself a challenge every week to make a permanent change in my life...big or small, just so long as I change SOMETHING.
I am going to change my life for the better and invite you to join me as I do.
So this weeks challenge is to drink more water, and trust me it is a challenge for me to drink enough!

What changes do you need to make in your lives?


  1. Good on you for putting it out there. I'm hearing you. I have around 48kg to lose. Taking it slow and taking little steps is the best way to go! You can do it! xx

    To answer your question, I need to make better choices when I snack. I'm usually good when it comes to meal times but it's the snacks that bring me down.

  2. Thanks Tina, I am working on it and am determined to get there. My thinking is if it's public I will be more likely to stick to it!


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