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Thursday, 14 April 2011

A few of my favourite things...

After all of yesterday’s negativity I thought a nice, happy, non-judgemental post was in order.  Boring for some of you but the Seven Cherubs Happiness Project has made me think...
I do have a lot to be grateful for, sometimes I just forget in the day to day rush that is my life!
Here are a few of my favourite things, places and memories (I am not allowed to show pics of some of my favourite people):
My boy, now well over 6’ tall!
2 Weeks old and I'm exhausted!
My Home, my sanctuary – also my place of business, gotta love that!:
My Queenslander...
My cats, who are more like babies, but toilet trained:
Lilly & Max
This kitchen dresser we rescued and restored.  There is another patiently waiting for us in the shed:
There were a lot of hours devoted to this...
My wedding day (with my gorgeous niece, who is now a beautiful young woman):
A happy day...
The Sunshine Coast of Queensland, we usually end up here on holidays:
The Rock Pool, Kondalilla Falls, Montville
Of course this list isn’t complete,  just a few things I had photos of...
What are some of your favourite things, places or memories?

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