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Sunday, 3 April 2011

The early years...

I was born in the UK...don’t hold it against me!

I had a happy, secure childhood.  I knew I was loved; my family were stable and caring.
We were a small family. Mum, Dad and three kids.  For the record I was, and am still funnily enough, the eldest.
In my younger years we moved a lot, every couple of years for Dad’s work.  At one stage I was at 6 different schools in less than 3 years...Imagine being the new kid that many times in a short period.
When I was twelve we left everything and everyone we knew behind and emigrated to Australia, Perth to be exact.  I had stated high school in the UK, had to go back to primary here as I was too young for high school, so no trauma there!  It was very odd, the kids were so different, of course where we lived there were a high proportion of surfers, so very different.  It was a much more outdoor type of lifestyle.  They taught religion in state schools, not something I was used to!
When I was about 14 we finally stayed in one spot long enough for me to make good, lasting friends...people I am still in contact with today.
I guess my upbringing made me stronger and independent, I have lived thousands of km’s from my family for my entire adult life, not to get away from them, just because that’s the way it worked out.
I do however have a tendency to be a bit of a homebody these days.  I am happy to stay in our lovely home with my family, and tend not to be one for a huge social life or have a need to be around people all the time.  I had to adapt to not having many people to rely on close by and therefore sorting out my own problems.  I do find it hard to “share” problems or feelings with others, hence this blog.  It is almost like a friend, there to listen without judging me.

I do suffer from near crippling shyness at times, it is very hard for me to talk to people in social or group business situations...but put me in front of a client and I am fine.  I guess it is because I am confident and secure in my working life, as it is really not about me.
This year I have joined a business networking group, to make it work I HAVE to step out of my comfort zone and speak to new people and stand up in front of the group every week to talk, it is already having a positive effect on my confidence.
Do you struggle in social situations amongst people you do not know well?

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  1. Quite often...

    When I was young, we moved often as well, and I thought we had settled down for a while, until I was in high school...we didn't move around the globe, but we did move towns, and I lost ties to everything- I've gone back and nobody/nothing is the same, nobody remembers me, it's like I was never there. My family has always been far away anyway, so not different in that respect.

    I had to change high schools, then none of the people I went to the new high school for 3 years were in any classes at uni with me, so I never really had any close friends that I got to "keep". Socialization was lost.

    I mostly keep to myself. The friends I have are in my computer. Most of them live thousands of miles away. In Australia.


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