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Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter at home...

Easter...5 whole days this year...magnificent!

Not being religious types around here the focus of our Easter is family.  Hanging around without the normal stress and rushing around that our lives entail.
Time to do bits and pieces around the house, a bit of cooking, a spot of gardening.
As we live in a tourist town, one which hosts a major festival this time of year, there are always a LOT of visitors roaming around aimlessly, clogging up the bars and eateries, cinemas and parks...and the roads, OMG learn to drive people!  Our strategy is to shop early, be prepared, shut the front gates and bunker down.
There are a few Easter must-haves around here:
R  Cadbury Easter eggs – love them all but solid are my favourite.  Lindt in a pinch but none of that compound crap around here!
R  Hot cross buns – traditional fruit only please.  All else is a travesty.
R  Good Friday lunch – a get together involving copious amounts of seafood, chicken and salads.  Lovely.
R  Quite a lot of booze...nuff said!
R  At least one BBQ
A late Easter often coincides with the lighting of the first fire of the year.  Love that.  
This year, ANZAC day falls over the break so it’s off to the Dawn Service, back home to thaw out and then usually a day of TV specials on the history channel about all that was sacrificed for us.  Maybe a bit of footy.  Home-made Anzac bikkies.  Always a low key, sombre kind of day in our household, with thoughts turning to family members who didn’t make it.
How does your family celebrate?

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