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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

You may find it hard to believe...

 I wasn’t always a domestic goddess...
...MrQ might suggest that I am not one now...what would he know?
I have curves, big boobs and dark hair; therefore I could be Nigella...if you squint.
My first real foray into the world of domesticity was in year 8 in the dreaded Home Ec classes with Miss Tweedy, she suited her name and I’m sure in earlier times would have been burnt at the stake for witchcraft...not a cool magical type of witch mind you, an evil, scary one with warts!
It was the early 80’s.  The WA education department was trying to overcome the sexist attitudes of the past and make boys cook & sew and girls do woodwork...not a happy time for any of us.
The only thing I remember of those classes is Miss Tweedy trying, and failing, to get the girls to behave like ladies...which we most assuredly were not! He he...good times.
The one thing that stuck with me over the years though is the fantastic cook book we all had to have, Cookery for Young Australians, by M.I Dawe. First published in 1970, it was reprinted, many times.  My edition is from 1981.   
Those of you who follow my blog and went to school with me (or even in WA in the 70's & 80's- for all I know they still use it!) would remember...
Well loved and treasured....
It contains all the classics- how to make a cup of tea, toast, a sandwich...slightly more useful things for young players - pikelets, apple crumble, stew, risotto and some supremely dodgy recipes such as Giblet Broth and Mock Chicken or Fish.

Some of my favourites, ones I still use today, came from the sweet chapters of the books...
Complete with notes from when I was 13...and food colouring...

Above and below...Complete with samples from the 80's, I was not (and still am not) a tidy cook!

I still use this cook book occasionally when my hectic life makes me want to go back to a simpler time.


  1. The no bake page took my fancy, I got some cornflakes in my cupboard, thinking chocolate roughs might be the go tomorrow!
    Good times in home ec, those were the days, cept i did it in the 90's...

  2. ok 1st comment attempt bombed... Chocolate roughs look good, yummo, home ec=good times, and the occasional food fight. :-)

  3. Hope you enjoyed them. Comments only turned up today, don't know where they've been!

  4. oh thoughts of Mrs Tweedy just sent shivers all over my body!!!!! blah!! I remember her kicking people out of class for no apparent reason - or maybe there was?? hahaha..... Remember all those cool pictures we would draw - trying to see who could draw the skinniest person ever??we drew some awesome people hey!! hhahaha good times!!


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