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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dear Woolies....

I had the misfortune of attending one of your establishments yesterday.
There were bugger all trolleys and those that were there had bits of rotting veggies and rubbish in them...FAIL
You had one of those annoying knife demonstrators screeching about how you can cut shoes and then tomatoes with their knives, or something, I wasn’t listening...  FAIL
Why is there often only one person behind the deli counter doing everything - raw & cooked meats and seafood?  Why do they always have filthy colds, why do I never see them change their gloves - if they bother to wear them at all, and why are there never any FUCKING numbers in the dispenser...FAIL
Why is there barely an aisle without trolleys full of boxes waiting to go on the shelves BUT NO STAFF, just a logjam of angry shoppers?...FAIL
How can you have 10 checkouts but only ever have half of them operating...FAIL
Express aisles.  These should be a crack team of staff, quick, friendly and efficient.   Unfortunately they tend to be the CRAP team. Slow, sullen and bored. Actually, that sounds like a good slogan for you, truth in advertising and all that... FAIL
And on another note, how come Coles gets the lovely Curtis Stone and you have Guy “who the hell is he” Grossi? ...FAIL
And whoever came up with “Easter Feaster” should be shot!
Finally, I tried to use your online delivery service but gave up...some tips about how to get it right here.
So do better please, 'cause I have always preferred you but of late you are letting me down!

Next on the hit list, equally crap customer service providers –
Doctor’s surgeries  -  Banks  -  Telco’s  -  ISP's  -  Airlines

Who gives you particularly bad customer service?

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