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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Driving me crazy...

I love my husband, I truly do.  But there are times when he drives me up the wall.

Give us an example I hear you say.  

OK, here are my top 5 :

R  He is very  inflexible.  Things cannot be sprung on him, they have to be discussed ahead of time (like weeks ahead) so that he can "prepare"

R  He cannot just buy something or go somewhere, OH NO, he has to research it to death first, lots and lots of google and whirlpool searches, website comparisons and store visits.

R  He is quite handy at fixing stuff, but the fuss and bother involved in getting something done is simply not worth any savings you may make.

R  He would happily live in our local Bunnings store, looking longingly at dodads and whatsits, I will go for a specific purpose, in and out, I don't want to spend the day there.  Same for electronic shops.

R  He tries to tell me what to do.  This makes me crazy, I don't listen of course but nothing shits me more than when he says "I told you to..."

Now I'm not saying I'm perfect, but this isn't about me and luckily he doesn't read my blog....

What does your man do that makes you nuts?

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